What is Strength and Conditioning?

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A Strength and Conditioning Coach (S&C) can also be referred to as a Physical Performance Coach.

The role of the S&C coach, is to develop the physical qualities of the athlete. Using a holistic approach, taking into account everything that makes up the athlete’s training load. Carefully planning and implementing a program to improve the athlete’s performance or working through an injury rehabilitation. With the big aim to get the best results from minimal stimulus.

It is more than just lifting weights!

Yes we do use weight training to increase an athlete’s strength – which in hand leads to enhanced speed, power, agility and endurance. But we also combine weight training with, energy system development (both aerobic and anaerobic capacity), jump and land mechanics as well as educating on different recovery techniques.

This basic format is used right across the spectrum of clients we have training at the RADcentre – from average Joe to high level athletes – the fundamentals are the KEY and they work!

Check out this quick clip below that outlines what we do in a little bit more information:

To get in touch with us to find out some more information on how a Strength and Conditioning Coach might be able to help you out info@radcentre.com.au

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