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AFL Preseason Training Program

If you play footy, then you need this program.


Because the countdown is on back to games, and the chances are your training has slipped off.

Maybe not entirely, but there is NO WAY your body is in the same condition after stopping training and games for a whole season because of ‘Rona.

But with the season looking good – it’s time you got ready!

So… where do you start and how do you get ready? 

Luckily for you, we’ve put together the perfect solution.

It’s called the AFL Preseason Training Program.

This program has been designed to build you in to a robust athlete, that is more resilient to injury, keeping you out playing footy. Which then forms the base for us to capitalise on and improve your performance.

Strength and conditioning for AFL plays a crucial role in an athlete’s performance – the major aim for this block is to build a base foundation of running and strength work – that can be capitalised on when team trainings resume and when phase two of the program roles out. 

This AFL preseason training program has been put together by Chris Radford who has multiple years experience working within the AFL / VFL and NAB league competitions.

Western Bulldogs – North Ballarat Roosters – GWV Rebels

This program has everything included in it: 

  • Running
  • Agility
  • Skill sessions
  • Full gym program – strength, power and injury prevention 

Everything all included to ensure you are at your best – with the program delivered through our online platform making it super easy to access everything on your phone. 

All of the strength and conditioning exercises come with video demonstrations by one of our coaches. 

If you want to make sure you’re playing footy, and not putting yourself at a greater risk of sitting on the sideline, then you DO need this.

Click the link below and bulletproof yourself from injury and increase your performance in time for when footy season starts.