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AFL Strength Program Structure

With the majority of footy clubs finally settling into a routine and the 2021 season not too far away, now is a perfect time to get your weekly structure organised. 
It doesn’t matter what level of play you are involved in we all want to optimise our preparation so we can dominate on the weekend. Having a set football strength program structure that best suits your lifestyle is an important factor.
There is no 1 perfect formula and everyones schedule will be slightly different but hopefully this helps get you thinking of how you could potentially set your week up. One key focus is ensuring that you maintain your lower body strength & power work throughout the WHOLE season! This plays a crucial role in keeping everything strong and resilient, reducing your chance of injury throughout the season, while also assisting in your onfield performance. 

Below are two weekly structures that you can use to base your own training schedule around.


If you have any questions on how to structure your week let us know – we can also help with any of your programming too with our online structure we are currently looking after footballers all over the country with their S&C programs.