COACHED - key position program

As a Key Position player you bring a completely different set of skills out on the field to smaller players. You need to go on long leads, or stick with your opponent performing them. You need to run and jump at the ball, and hold strong as a big pack forms under your feet. One on one, you need to hold you ground and throw your opponent out of the way to take that big mark or get in that spoil. You dive, leap, and bound to bring the ball to ground, allowing your team to go to work. You don’t play the same as a small, so why would you train like them?

These programs have been developed with these traits in mind, and brings a blend of football specific running, technical drills, strength, power, mobility and conditioning. Completing the training will reduce your risk of injury, and have you flying and breaking the packs for the whole game.

These programs aren’t just slapped together with some random strength exercises and long distance running to get you ’fit’, they’re structured in the same way that we’ve trained AFL, VFL and NAB League athletes. They are completely periodised and structured to progress you from the early days of the pre-season, through to continually developing and maintaining qualities like speed, power, strength, agility and endurance in-season.

Have you ever wondered how the pro’s train, or better yet, wanted to train exactly like them? Here’s your chance. Get COACHED.

 All set up online through our training app, each block is an upfront payment

Starts January 23rd

This program has been designed to build you in to a robust athlete, that is more resilient to injury, keeping you out playing footy.

This program has everything included in it: Strength – Power – Injury prevention – Recovery. Everything all included to ensure you are at your best – with the program delivered through our online platform making it super easy to access everything on your phone.

All of the strength and conditioning exercises come with video demonstrations by one of our coaches.

If you want to make sure you’re playing footy, and not putting yourself at a greater risk of sitting on the sideline, then you DO need this.

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About us: 
The team behind this program have an extensive background in football at all levels, managing or working in AFL / VFL club fitness departments,  developing the next batch of talent coming through the NAB League right through to actually playing integral roles on the field at their local clubs to win senior premierships. We have all completed post graduate university studies, the combination of our knowledge and experience ensures that we are able to deliver the ultimate program to improve your performance.

Starts November 15th

Starts January 23rd

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