A well structured Strength and Conditioning program plays a crucial role in the success of an athlete.

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The team at RAD are now bringing to Ballarat and Regional Victoria the same methods and structures used at the professional level to enhance your athletic development and keep you injury free and available for your chosen sport. A well structured Strength and Conditioning program will help to enhance your physical performance! You will be able to jump higher, run faster, change direction quicker, go for longer, become more resilient to injury, as well as recover quicker!


Athlete Development Program Membership

Get the same expert coaching and support which you would see in an professional sporting club or elite environment. We provide you with everything you need to improve your athleticism to meet the physical demands of your sport. 

Whats included?

  • Fully individualised strength and conditioning program
  • All of your performance testing
  • Unlimited coaching
  • 24/7 gym access
  • Unlimited access to our recovery systems
  • On field running sessions
  • Discounted rates for Sports Dietitian and Physiotherapy

Why choose us?

  • Our high performance training facility – has got everything that you need to assist your performance, with all of the latest technology – from our force plates, blood flow restriction cuffs, muscle stimulators, recovery compression boots, nutrition bar etc….
  • 24/7 support from our team – whenever you have a question in regards to your training
  • Through our performance testing and reporting systems we identify your strengths and weaknesses to then build out your individualised strength and conditioning program to help prepare you for your sport
  • Your individualised program will then be built out seamlessly around your weekly schedule. No matter how busy sport (and life) is, we make it easy for you to look after yourself. Strength training, speed training, recovery sessions… you name it we will design the right solution for you.
  • Training in our small group environment means you feel a part of a team and don’t have to train along as well as being supervised by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced coaches in the region, all having worked in elite sport
  • If you ever get a niggle or need extra maintenance all our athletes get supported with discounted rates to our Physiotherapist and Dietitian.

  • We have helped athletes at all levels improve their athleticism, and in turn improving their performance in competition 

 Your investment = $85 per week – The ultimate solution to improve your athleticism and improve your sporting performance

Still not sure if we are the right place for you?

Would you like to discuss your unique situation with us before you book an appointment? 

Totally understandable.

We hear you!

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