Football Pre-Season — Nat Fyfe transformation

After the massive success that Nat Fyfe has just achieved by wining the Brownlow medal, I thought I would have a look into why he is so successful…

When Fyfe was drafted to Fremantle in 2010 he weighed 74 kg, and in season 2015 he was at a playing weight of 88kg. This transformation has been a growing process from the moment he entered the club, always keen to go the extra mile to improve as a footballer.
Jason Weber is the High Performance Manager at Fremantle and he has been the biggest influence on Fyfe’s physical development.

Earlier this year Sam Lane wrote an article about Fyfe’s rapid rise to the top of the AFL, here are a few key quotes from the piece:

“Jason [Weber] asked me what I wanted to become and I said I wanted to become more like Patrick Dangerfield. As in I want to be able to fend people off, and I want to be explosive when I take off with the ball. I’m not quick, but I want to be quick over a couple of metres. And I really want to stand up in tackles like Chris Judd did for so long.
“From there we got to work on a lot of specific speed and power work with legs. A lot of split squats, single leg press, double leg press to get overall strength up. And then there was speed power, so lateral hops, explosive lunge exercises, a lot of weighted exercises with vests and things like that. Not so much working on machines, but more things that are specific to explosive acceleration.
“My end of the bargain was to trust him 100 per cent. And I did. And on the track, and in my figure, I was able to see and feel shifts in my speed and power … It was really empowering.
“When we started match simulation it came to life. I was able to accelerate away from people, I was able to shrug people off. People couldn’t pull me to ground. So that’s part of the transformation and there’s still a long way to go.”

This little insight shows the importance of a well structured program!! In particular the emphasis that elite level footballers place on lower body strength training. As Fyfe explains, he bought into the program, trusted the process in place and everything came to action when the game play was introduced.

As everyone starts to think about season 2016, make sure you put some thought into how you are preparing for it all.
Fyfe is one great example of the benefits of putting in the hard work to complete a well structured program!

Here is the link to the full article – http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/nat-fyfe-aiming-for-the-best-20150809-giv1cw.html

Jason Weber is a legend of the strength and conditioning field having worked with many elite sports in particular the Australian Wallabies and Fremantle Dockers.
He also has a business – Old Bull Fitness

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