The RAD team believe that after any injury it is important that a ‘team effort’ approach is taken for the rehabilitation of an athlete!
Not one person solves the rehab equation – and this is an important concept to understand.

As a part of the Injury Rehabilitation program you get access to: 

  • Performance testing
  • Individualised programming
  • Gym membership
  • Semi-private coaching
  • On-field speed/agility sessions
  • Normatec compression boots

After completing an in-depth discussion together where we can really find out where you are currently and where you want to get to – we will then book in for the initial Performance Testing session which will be utilised to build a picture of your current ability. Following this testing session your results will be analysed and then an individualised program is written up and you can now get stuck into the training in our high performance environment! Book in to our semi private coaching classes as well as gain access to the facility with your membership swipe. 

Our multifaceted approach aims to build you into the best athlete you can be.

“The Rehab team”

Diagnosis – Doctor and Physiotherapist / Podiatrist / Osteopath give a clinical diagnosis

Return to Function – Physiotherapist / Podiatrist /Osteopath responsible for returning the athlete to functional status. Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach working to strengthen the injured site as well as providing as much conditioning around the injury as possible.

Return to Run – S&C Coach prescribes specific running loads, as well as improving any other weaknesses the athlete may have. Also big focus on strength training. The aim is to get the athlete returning to their sport better than when they left

Return to Play – S&C Coach creates specific drills to challenge the athlete in game like scenarios, Running load increased. Can’t return to full training until they have completed a very strong game simulation program!

It is crucial everyone plays their role for the rehab team.

RAD have a fantastic understanding of this concept and have formed great relationships with other Allied Health Practitioners within the region, helping to get you back to your sport or daily activities in a better condition than when the injury occurred.


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