Developing long term athletes - laying the foundations for future success.

Learning key movement patterns correctly from the beginning is a pivotal step in junior athlete success that carries through to their senior sporting career. At RAD, our Junior Athlete Development classes prioritise long term athlete development through nailing fundamental movement patterns prior to progressing along a competency continuum. Our approach ensures that your child has the foundations to build upon throughout their entire career, rather than pushing immediate development which may prove detrimental down the track. Our highly trained coaches provide your child with individualised programming to suit their needs and stage of development, alongside educational coaching which provides the ‘why’ behind the exercises.

These sessions are aimed at athletes between the age of 13 and 18. 

As a part of this program you get access to: 

  • Performance testing
  • Individualised programming
  • Semi-private coaching
  • On-field speed/agility sessions
  • Normatec compression boots

After completing an in-depth discussion together where we can really find out where you are currently and where you want to get to – we will then book in for the initial Performance Testing session which will be utilised to build a picture of your current ability. Following this testing session your results will be analysed and then an individualised program is written up and you can now get stuck into the training in our high performance environment! Book in to our semi private coaching classes.

Our multifaceted approach aims to build you into the best athlete you can be.

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