Developing long term athletes - laying the foundations for future success.

Learning key movement patterns correctly from the beginning is a pivotal step in junior athlete success that carries through to their senior sporting career. At RAD, our Junior Athlete Development program prioritise long term athlete development through nailing fundamental movement patterns prior to progressing along a competency continuum. Our approach ensures that your child has the foundations to build upon throughout their entire career, rather than pushing immediate development which may prove detrimental down the track. Our highly trained coaches provide your child with individualised programming to suit their needs and stage of development, alongside educational coaching which provides the ‘why’ behind the exercises.

These sessions are aimed at athletes between the age of 13 and 18. 

Whats included?

  • Fully individualised strength and conditioning program
  • All of your performance testing
  • Unlimited coaching
  • Unlimited access to our recovery systems
  • On field running sessions
  • Discounted rates for Sports Dietitian and Physiotherapy

Why choose us?

  • Our high performance training facility – has got everything that you need to assist your performance, with all of the latest technology – from our force plates, blood flow restriction cuffs, muscle stimulators, recovery compression boots, nutrition bar etc….
  • 24/7 support from our team – whenever you have a question in regards to your training
  • Through our performance testing and reporting systems we identify your strengths and weaknesses to then build out your individualised strength and conditioning program to help prepare you for your sport
  • Your individualised program will then be built out seamlessly around your weekly schedule. No matter how busy sport (and life) is, we make it easy for you to look after yourself. Strength training, speed training, recovery sessions… you name it we will design the right solution for you.
  • Training in our small group environment means you feel a part of a team and don’t have to train along as well as being supervised by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced coaches in the region, all having worked in elite sport
  • If you ever get a niggle or need extra maintenance all our athletes get supported with discounted rates to our Physiotherapist and Dietitian.
  • We have helped athletes at all levels improve their athleticism, and in turn improving their performance in competition

The ultimate solution to improve your athleticism and improve your sporting performance = $55 per week

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As professionalism in sport continues to grow in Australia, greater demands flow through to youth athletes in order to raise the standard and produce ready-made stars upon entering the elite sporting arena. While it is fantastic to see continually rising expertise and commitment by both coaches and athletes in this space, sometimes the boundaries are pushed too far in order to progress the athlete for success in the immediate term, rather than a long-term vision of what the athlete wants to attain.

Within the weight room a prime example of this is an athlete rushing into a barbell back squat before progressing through the necessary steps to become proficient in this lift. Moving through a series of progressions to gain competency in the squat may look like this:

These progressions should correspond with athlete movement ability; being able to nail each version prior to moving through to the next, rather than on an age basis and thinking ‘they’re 16, they can back squat’. Athletes progress and develop at different ages and rates, thus applying a blanket rule in accordance with age is simply wrong. 

The beautiful thing about an athlete that is yet to perform a lift is the opportunity to avoid learning a poor pattern. Using the above example, if an athlete jumps straight into a barbell back squat – a complex lift – it is likely that the athlete will adopt a technique which will see them compensate in key areas to get through, potentially involving multiple flaws. Unfortunately, if a pattern is learned it takes a lot longer to re-learn it in the appropriate manner. 

If you’ve got a spare 8 minutes, this fun video demonstrates the theory perfectly:

Of additional concern is the prescription of variables such as weight, volume and tempo.Manipulating such variables may prove as a stepping stone to the next variant – i.e. attempt different tempos before moving on to the next level.

What’s missing?

The number 1 rule – have FUN! While there needs to be aspects of training which are strict, measured and difficult, adoption to training will be much greater if the athlete enjoys it, also going a long way to reduce monotony, burn out and fatigue.